About Us

Hidden Quarry Artisans, LLC is owned and operated by Timm Schleiff. With the constant support of my wife, Maria, I produce fine furniture, cabinetry, and architectural elements. Together we built our 4000 square foot shop in an abandoned limestone quarry. This site posed challenges in building , but we feel that those are easily offset by the beauty of the rock faces, and the fact that we are able to improve a piece of land by inhabiting it. 

I grew up on a farm with 5 siblings, about 30 sheep, 2 horses, and a mule pony, Ben. My father was a general contractor, and I spent much of my homeschooled youth on the job site. From an early age I was drawn to wood, and began carving spoons, and building furniture in our home shop. As a teenager I became interested in sailing and decided to combine my woodworking and boating interests by building a wooden sailboat. That launched me into business when I started to get orders for custom boats ranging from a 16' sailboat to a 22' motorcruiser. after 5 boats, I realized I wanted to spend some time away from the farm and learn more about the finer aspects of woodwork and design. In the fall of 2010 I enrolled in the North Bennet Street School's Cabined and furniture making program. Over the next two years I learned from some of the best woodworkers alive today including Lance Patterson, Dan Faia, Steve Brown, and Alex Krutzkey. They became mentors and teachers, and remain friends to this day. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in traditional cabinet and furniture making, focusing on 18th century American and English furniture design and construction