About Us

The Schleiff family moved to northern Greenbrier County WV in the mid 1980s, and established the farm where I was born, as well as a general contracting company.  I spent much of my homeschooled youth on the job site, and from an early age I was drawn to woodwork. I worked my way from helper to carpenter, but always had a desire to do finer more detailed work.  At around age 14, I began building staircases and some cabinetry for my fathers projects in our home shop. Then in My later teens I became interested in sailing and decided to combine my woodworking and boating interests by building a wooden sailboat. That launched me into business when I started to get orders for custom boats ranging from a 16' sailboat to a 22' motorcruiser. After building 5 custom boats, I realized I wanted to get away from the dust and fumes of boatbuilding and spend some time away from the farm while learning more about the finer aspects of woodwork and design. In the fall of 2010 I enrolled in the North Bennet Street School's Cabinet and Furniture making program, where for two years I learned from some of the best woodworkers alive today including Lance Patterson, Dan Faia, Steve Brown, and Alex Krutzky. They became mentors and teachers, and remain friends to this day. I graduated in 2012 with a degree in cabinet and furniture making.

In 2013, after spending a year managing a high-end custom furniture shop in central WV, I came back to my home town, Lewisburg to put down roots and build a shop of my own. Together with my (then future) wife, Maria, I designed and built our 4000 square foot shop in an abandoned limestone quarry. That was the beginning of Hidden Quarry Artisans, LLC. Our beautiful little town, Lewisburg, is located in the mountains of southeastern West Virginia.